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Our Mission: To teach and entertain, build confidence in the youth, promote the positivity of the Hip Hop culture, and instill high esteem in kids expressing themselves through this art form. We look forward to performing for you!

Welcome to the World of Hip Hop..

"The Hip Hop Handbook" is the brand for outstanding urban education and entertainment.

From school assemblies to instructional videos our company of world class performers and entertainers bring you the best in hip hop culture. Created by Jairus Green and Justin Murta in 2002 they began by marketing and creating a instructional book on the various Hip Hop elements.

After publishing the first book they started creating a curriculum in which they found that they could make a positive impact on youth and educate a broad base to the benefits of hip hop. Teachers across the country embraced the book and supported the opportunity of bringing this exciting experience to the classroom.

In the beginning of 2006 they created a performance showcase by the same name. Currently, they have performed in over 500 shows in 40 states and traveled through the 48 continental states, clocking over 85,000 miles per school year! To date they have performed for over 250,000 students from elementary to college levels and expanded Hip Hop culture awareness.

The Hip Hop Handbook is available for instructional assemblies, workshops, as well as festivals and corporate events. The Hip Hop Handbook recently opened for MxPx at the Microsoft Zune’s 2008 corporate holiday event, after receiving an incredible response at the 2007 Zune holiday event performing in conjunction with Biz Markie.

After hundreds of successful shows Hip Hop Handbook began developing other lines of educational based videos and soundtracks. We educate young folks about the history of hip-hop, along with hands-on instruction of breakdancing, emceeing, deejaying and aerosol arts. Volume one is already available at retail stores national and internationally and other volumes will be released throughout the year. All of our material contains positive performance and entertainment that is sure to inspire.

For more information, or to book Hip-Hop Handbook at your event, contact info@hiphophandbook.com or call Justin Murta at (360) 563-9347

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2006/2007 School Year Review: The HipHop Handbook performed over 228 combined shows to over 100,000 students. They traveled 85,000 miles to all 48 continental United States and performed in 34. A full city-by-city guide is available with map upon request.

2007/2008 School Year Review: The HipHop Handbook performed over 276 school shows to over 180,000 students. They traveled 85,000 miles through all 48 continental United States and performed in 28. A full city-by-city guide is available with map upon request.



  • HipHop Showcase (Dance)

    Grade Level: K-6
    Interactivity Level: Moderate
    Overview: Custom tailored for various age groups, the urban dance showcase is well suited for large assemblies. The performance includes various dance performances and routines that take the audience on a journey through the history of HipHop Dance. Volunteers may be selected from the audience to help demonstrate some of the basic break dance moves and a short routine will be taught at the end of the demonstration!
  • HipHop Showcase (Music/Dance)

    Grade Level: K-9
    Interactivity Level: Moderate
    Overview: Custom tailored for various age groups, the musical showcase is well suited for large assemblies. The performance includes a historical reference to different HipHop styles such as; "call-and-response", musical HipHop performance, a DJ turntable "scratch" demonstration, "beatbox" vocal percussion, and break dance routines. Volunteers may be selected from the audience to help demonstrate some of the DJ scratches and basic break dance moves. For older students, we also offer a historical overview of the HipHop culture, where students will learn the socio-economic conditions that forged the music we now know as HipHop.
  • HipHop Showcase: 2.0 (Music/Dance)

    Grade Level: 10-College
    Interactivity Level: Low
    Overview: Custom tailored for various age groups, the musical showcase is well suited for auditorium or stage assemblies and student body events. The performance includes a call-and-response musical rap performance, a DJ turntable scratch demonstration, vocal percussion, and break dance routines. Volunteers may be selected from the audience to perform with the artists to demonstrate the level of talent that exists in their school.
  • Gym Class Breakdance Lesson (Dance)

    Grade Level: K-6
    Interactivity Level: High
    Overview: As a special gym class lesson, you can have trained professionals with years of dance experience teach your students basic, low-risk dance moves (don't worry - no headspins), as part of a dance routine that can be learned in a single class session. Class sizes up to 50 a session and depend on workspace and room accommodation. Custom class and lesson plans can be sent before hand and meet most state curriculum dance and physical education requirements.
  • Music Class Hip-Hop Workshop (Music)

    Grade Level: K-12
    Interactivity Level: High
    Overview: Students are given a brief history of HipHop music, and instructed in the arts of creative lyric writing, "beatbox" vocal percussion, and turntablism. Students will have a chance to experiment with the DJ equipment, and there will be a lyrical freestyle improvisational rap session at the end where students will have an opportunity to share their rhymes with the other students and record a class "rap" song.
  • Art Class Tutorial

    Grade Level: 7-12
    Interactivity Level: High
    Overview: This package explores the visual arts aspect of HipHop in the form of unique lettering styles and character drawings known as "Urban Art". The tutorial begins with a brief history of HipHop art, and ends with an instructional session in which students can make their own mini-murals using the stylized letters of their own names. For a small premium students can demo the "aerosol art" aspect and create a "class mural".

Recent Testimonials

  • The show was fabulous. The gentleman were wonderful to deal with and interacted well with the students. ---Kevin Wiltshire, Principal
    West Intermediate School
    Mt. Pleasant, MI

    Posted: 2009-05-27
  • Brad-our kids loved the Hip Hop Handbook show! They cheered, yelled, danced, and more importantly learned a little about respect and some music history. --- Judy Whitson
    T. C. Cherry Elementary School
    Bowling Green, KY

    Posted: 2009-05-15
  • Dynamic, entertaining, great history of how hip hop came to be. Related well with the audience of all ages. GREAT JOB! --- Lauren Brown
    Potosi Elementary School
    Potosi, MO

    Posted: 2009-05-11
  • Program was excellent! Our students loved it. Not only was it entertaining, but it offered information on the history of Hip Hop. Communication regarding the event was smooth and well done. ---Darlene Milner
    Pinewood Elementary School
    North Lauderdale, FL

    Posted: 2009-05-07
  • Talent was OUTSTANDING! Pace was great, kept everyone's attention. Great message. --- Steve Kindy
    Lakeview Middle School
    Battle Creek, MI

    Posted: 2009-04-24
  • My students really enjoyed the program. They were amazed with the talent of the guys and were interested in the history of hip hop. They really enjoyed it when students got to go up and do some aspects of hip hop, especially the dancing. The music used was great for the adults--who doesn't love disco?! --- Mary Stallman
    St. Joseph Parish School
    Grafton, WI

    Posted: 2009-04-21
  • All students that I spoke to were very complimentary of the performance. I also heard several students comment on things that they learned such as types of record scratching. Teachers that I spoke to reported that they thought this was the best Arts and Humanities activity that our school has ever had. Thanks so much to Justin and Jarius for a wonderful performance!!!! ---Patricia Richardson
    Wayne County High School
    Monticello, KY

    Posted: 2009-04-14
  • A very exciting, high energy assembly! The format included excellent audience participation for all grade levels, K-6. --- Stephanie Smolen
    Briarcrest Elementary School
    Shoreline, WA

    Posted: 2009-03-19


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